Patients save big bucks using for prescriptions.

Saving money at, an online market and auction place for prescriptions, is one of the “top ten ways” experts are recommending consumers  save money in today’s tough economy. Former Wisconsin Governor and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson is a huge supporter and believer in this new paradigm of prescription drug sales. He along with consumer advocate Howard Clark, the CBS Early Show and Reader’s Digest just to mention few recommend cutting corners on health care expenses with BidRx. When you take a look at the savings you can realize with BidRx it’s hard to deny what you see and that’s why it’s on the top ten list of thing to “do” to save money.

There’s no sense in avoiding it, when something’s time has come we can read the writing on the wall.  Consumers are flocking to websites like,  Ebay and other online comparison websites because the savings are hard to ignore and harder turn down.  I’ve been a pretty traditional consumer and  I hadn’t really tried too many of these websites out, until lately, but I just bought my auto insurance from Geico for the first time ever.  I saved about $50 a month or almost $600 a year!  Woo! I can get the cell phone I really want right now and still have $300 left.  I would have saved close to $3000 over the last five years if I had started earlier.  So the reality of me the late adopter finally using a website like this is for insurance, is that unless I find it cheaper elsewhere I can’t imagine I’d do anything else. Start putting these kinds of savings together on decisions you make across the board and you can make a real difference in the quality of your family’s life.  Getting these savings on medications can make a life or death difference for some people like seniors on fixed incomes or  family’s with sick children or the chronically ill who must take medicines regularly.

So the BidRx team has brought that online philosophy to your prescription drug needs and what they’ve developed is a win win opportunity for consumers. With savings like 68% off name brand drugs and 42% off generic brand drugs using BidRx to buy your prescriptions  can offer you savings so extreme, that there is a possibility you could get your prescription for free if you combine BidRx with your employer’s prescription benefit plan.

Take BidRx for a test drive and SEE the savings you can get using the website.  It’s free, there’s nothing to download or install and nothing else to buy, just logon, create an account, enter this reference code RXSAVELAC and you can not only check out  BidRx for the first time, but you can actually start using BidRx  and saving money on your medications today.

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